Stambaugh Ness Announces Strategic Advisory Services for Not-for-Profit and Governmental Entities

Krista Gardner leads a new future-ready approach.

Krista M. Gardner, CPA, Principal - Not-for-Profit and Governmental Practice

Stambaugh Ness (SN) announces a new service area focused on strategic advisory services for Not-for-Profit and Governmental entities. These services will provide high-level support and guidance to an organization’s board of advisors, executives and financial teams. This strategic shift aligns SN’s deep industry knowledge with our focus to engage proactively with organizations to help them be more impactful in fulfilling their goals today and in the future.

Leading this new approach is Principal Krista Gardner, who will work directly with clients to advise them on ways to be more effective and efficient in achieving not only their financial goals but also their charitable missions and community responsibilities. Krista's new role will allow her to incorporate her many strengths, including a servant heart for missional and community-oriented organizations. Krista will be a champion of challenging the status quo, with special emphasis on people, processes, and technology.

“This new forward-thinking approach to not-for-profit/governmental reflects our firm-wide initiative to lead clients into the future with a focus on forecasting industry and business trends and embracing the continual disruption of technology,” said Steven Hake, Stambaugh Ness President and Chief Executive Officer. “Through collaboration with our not-for-profit/governmental clients, we can help them transform into future-ready organizations who are prepared and positioned for sustainable success.”

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